Monday, February 25, 2008

Everything But The Average Sink

In Palm Desert, California and throughout the Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage area, more homeowners and interior designers are focusing on individualizing their personal spaces with unique and creative ideas and products.

Powder rooms and bathrooms in particular can be a location within one’s home to express the unique individual personality of the owners. Of all the fixtures in these rooms, sinks are becoming more of a sculptural feature than simply a functional fitting. The materials of these objects of fine design can range from the standard stainless steel to precious metals; from vividly coloured hand-blown glass to high-quality hand-thrown ceramic. The limits on what shapes and heights can only be limited by the designer and the homeowner’s creativity.

The pedestals for these stylish basins can be as beautiful as the fixture themselves or be on the minimalist side to highlight the beautiful glass, ceramic, or stone vessel that is used for washing. Lighting in this room can also highlight the basin in addition to providing light to the function of the space itself.

In simply changing a ho-hum bathroom sink to a handcrafted artistic basin, one changes a bland feature in a room designed for utility into a small jewel in a beautiful room that users enjoy viewing.

So when you think of bathroom sinks, think unique !
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