Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Turning to the Pros: Real Estate Agents and Brokers Benefit Using Interior Designers

Studies show that sales in challenging economic times require more effort and expense in the area of advertising and promotion.

Miller Young Interior designers can have an integral role in increasing your sales and enhancing your sales from several points of view. Whether it is a custom home or a multi family tract, there is a solid foundation for interior design involvement. These professionals have a specialized knowledge of how to use materials, space, color and texture as well as furnishings and accessories that are specific to your target market.

This knowledge and skill can be a time saving and money saving benefit to hiring a design professional either for a consultant on a property you represent or on a referral basis for your clients.

A designer can help guide your client through decisions, resources and the entire process to give you a finished product that is beautiful, livable and extremely marketable within your budget.

Potential homeowners at all levels are becoming far more discriminating in general. The common thread these discriminating customers share is insisting on features and finishes of the highest quality.

Increasing sales in tough economic times:

  • It’s all about increasing sales as well as moving product. Interior designers want to be a part of this as much as you do! Selecting finishes and materials that hit the tastes of your region and marketplace can make the difference between a sale and a product that sits on the market. Model homes for example have long been used by builders and developers to assist potential buyers to visualize the lifestyle that they are presenting.

  • Interior designers can save you time and money

Whether you use Interior designers prior to listing as a consultant or to assist with staging or have them available to assist your potential buyers on an individual basis, they can help you sell a home before anything is renovated or installed.

· Interior designers can help guide your buyer or seller through a process that is efficient and appropriate to the project.

· Eliminates second guessing of what your buyers or seller wants.

· Building confidence in the right choices to close a sale; is a primary benefit of using a qualified interior designer.

· Increased perceived value in the marketplace

Alliances with designers provide agents with a significant edge in providing excellent personalized service tailored to your clients. This alliance increases your value in the mind of your client. If you have designer resources available that other agents in your community are lacking you will have the edge on your competition.

  • Creating Client Confidence and Closing a Sale:

A skilled interior designer can actually help you close a sale. Having an interior designer present to “seal the deal” via a walk through or even a “complimentary consultation” to show the possibilities of the residence can create that additional confidence that the client may need from an outside ”professional” other than the agent or broker. A designer is a useful sales tool in helping the perception of your frame of reference, quality of detail and the perception of a property and assist in closing the sale.

So whether you are considering how to merchandise the “lifestyle” concept of your listing or marketing your homes, or just a consultation on how best to prepare a home for sale, rely on the interior designer to help increase their sales through their specialized knowledge of market trends, finishes, appliances, and aesthetics to close your next sale.

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