Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Building Your Built-In

Just about every interior design client and job at William Miller Design requests custom built ins- whether they be for custom closets, specialty kitchen cabinets, or multimedia entertainment centers.

From media center cabinets to Master bedroom display and nightstand cabinets, custom Design is the order of the day. Designing custom built ins is truly a detailed and thoughtful process especially when it comes to built in media or entertainment cabinets. Many things need to be considered, from the needs and requirements of the client, to the aesthetic desired from the outcome of the actual cabinet.

Media centers are the most complex in the design process. The place to start is with determining the components that the client wants to use in the particular media cabinet. Plasma TV or LCD? Stereo receiver and DVD? Will there be surround sound with integrated speakers? Will there be multiple speakers incorporated in the cabinet or will the speakers be in the ceiling ?
Once the requirements of the client are determined, the space available and the orientation of the seating (or sleeping ) In relation to the built-in must be determined and considered for maximum viewing and listening comfort.

Determining exact sizes of all components to be incorporated in the unit is critical. If working with clients existing equipment, it all is carefully measured and placement is calculated based on optimum efficiency and usage. If working with a consultant on the audio/ video components, it is essential to bring them in to the design process of the cabinetry.
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