Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bathe Me In Luxury: Luxe Master Bathrooms

Today's luxury master suites are being designed and built to be a source of luxury and relaxation. Potential home buyers make luxury a priority when shopping in today’s market. These superbly designed spaces provide a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as a perfect setting to begin and end each day. Gone are the days of the utilitarian master bath. Now the spa like environments being created by architects and designers are what consumers want and need!

Luxury Master Baths are added value for builders and developers and serve as major selling points for home developments at all price points. Bathrooms and kitchens add more to a home's value than any other rooms—with luxurious Master baths rating highest on home buyer wish listsThe Spa-like environment of these large bathrooms, focus on the shower experience often called “vertical spas” These highly customized spaces within the Master bath , incorporate multiple showerheads, water diverters and sophisticated temperature control systems, as well as wall mounted body sprays Such as Kohler’s New water round adjustable, multi directional body spray. The recessed installation method of this element provides a sleek and refined look. Larger shower spaces are being created by designers and architects often with frameless doors or no doors at all. Glass partitions allow more openness deflecting water from the shower. Oversized showerheads and the double two person shower is a trend in luxury Masters. For a total pampering experience, look to the relaxation and luxury of a spa,.. The soaking tub and air bath are the next big trend in luxury baths. Above floor soaking tubs such as

Jason’s Carrera™ Line provides a dramatic and functional look and many others are available in under mounted styles. The air bath provides a whirlpool experience with recalculating water jets that gently sooth and massage.
Another spa like feature being integrated into residential use is steam units to their showers, or installing a ready-made, self-contained steam unit that fits into the bathroom much the way a pre-fabricated shower stall would. By installing a steam unit into an existing custom shower stall, a homeowner can create a shower and a luxurious spa-like steam room in a single package that fulfills either function. Separation of private grooming space is essential in luxury bath design as well as multiple sinks. Today's well-done master suite bath has dramatic sink and faucet treatments. Above counter mounted sinks provide drama and functionality while adding to the look and feel of luxury- one particular example is Kohler’s Purist sink in the new “ice” finish.
Above counter mounted sinks provide functionality as well as unique drama adding to the “spa” environment. In wall faucets or tall standing column faucets work best with these dramatic sinks.

Another fixture that contributes to the luxury bath is the toilet – low-flow models are still the rule .In addition to improved operation, newer models also offer easier cleaning. Toto offers the washlet toilet which is an amazing automated system of comfort and hygiene. Men are requesting residential urinals as trends in bathroom layout are moving towards separate “toilet rooms” This separation is very desirable for privacy and luxury and two toilet rooms are essential in the best luxury Master suites. Separation of private grooming space is essential in luxury bath design as well as multiple sinks. Above counter mounted sinks provide functionality as well as unique drama adding to the “spa” environment. In wall faucets or tall standing column faucets work best with these dramatic sinks.

Overall trends towards pampering and self indulgence in today’s consumer drives the market towards more unique design in Master suite Baths. The spa like experience is what is desired by today’s home buyers. Uniqueness in design as well as special features will add value and panache to any project.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Re-Do, Remodel, Re-Evaluate, Design ala Carte Packages

In today’s economic climate smart decisions about spending money on your home or office are essential to making your dollars go farther. Remodeling, re- furnishing and re- arranging what you already have are definite solutions to relocating !

Remodeling your desert home may be a great alternative to freshening up your living space as well as your personal outlook. It also can add dollar value to your home for re-sale and help you enjoy what you have. Instead of selling and re-locating, many homeowners today are looking to remodel as a solution to upgrading their surroundings. Selecting a great team of designer, architect, and contractor are essential to making this process run smoothly.

Refurnishing and redesigning existing rooms is also a more immediate and less costly solution to a complete remodel. With the holidays upon us there may be some easy fixes to existing problems and issues you have. Reupholstering existing furnishings is a great place to start upgrading and changing your living space.

Rearranging your space with the help of William Miller Design can also do wonders to make your space flow more functionally and create interest in your room. Working with major pieces that you already have and placing them in a different way is where an interior designer can help. Adding to existing furnishings or editing pieces that are tired or not necessary can also be done by bringing in the fresh eyes of a designer.

Accessories – the key to freshen up any interior and the least expensive way to bring new life to old tired spaces. Simply replacing art and accessories in rooms can change the look and style of a room without major changes or expense. In selecting accessories, decide on a basic theme and build from there. Let the style and type be dictated by what you like. Remember not to clutter the space but choose wisely, using a few important pieces will go much further than many smaller items.
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