Monday, March 22, 2010

Bed Down in Luxury!

There are a wide variety of options for creating comfortable luxury , and transforming a basic bedroom into the most luxurious bedroom possible. From simple additions to your existing decor to elaborate re - make of the space or anywhere in between, A luxurious bedroom is always within your reach.

For example, just a mere coat of paint or accenting the bed wall with a spectacular wall covering or faux finish, can do wonders for a bedroom. Before deciding on a wall finish, determine how the color will look within the room and with the existing bedding and materials you already have.

Updating your bedding, duvet cover and accent pillows is another way to achieve a luxury look without re-doing the entire room. Again choose fabrics and colors that will blend with your existing scheme. There are many ready made quality items available to create a new look for your bed. Of course William Miller Design of Palm Desert, California, can also help you with custom bedding as well ! When selecting bedding on your own, make sure the fabric quality is excellent. Many fine fabrics will require dry clean only. but don't let that scare you off, remember you are going for "Luxury". Sheets should always be at least 500 to 600 thread count to really "feel" the luxury look you are going for.

Headboards and bed wall built in treatments can not only give you a luxurious feeling but can add a focal statement to your bedroom. A new upholstered headboard with a wood trim perimeter will lend a rich and inviting look to your bedroom. When choosing a headboard make certain that it is the correct height. A lower headboard will give a more sleek contemporary look, where as a taller headboard will have a grand and luxurious feel.

Adding a few new accessories can also work wonders for the bedroom. Lamps at the bedside, and rich looking quality glass pieces will add new sparkle and life to complete a luxurious look.

Whatever your taste, traditional or contemporary, a luxurious bedroom can be yours. For help in creating a personalized luxury bedroom, contact us William Miller Design Inc.
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