Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Blockbuster! Must-have items for your Desert Home Theater

Summer is nearly over, but think of the cold nights you’ll need to spend indoors entertaining- well, not so cold here in Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage, but it will get a little cooler. These sophisticated accessories and furnishings will help you enjoy your time spent in your own home theater, be it cold or not, indoors or out!

Nile Audio Planter

These planters not only dress up the garden, but also provide outdoor sound with the woofer and tweeter hidden inside. These realistic weatherproof planters are available in terracotta or concrete finish, and will hold live plans or flowers.

Omnimount Prism Cabinet

With this cabinet, no one will even care what you’re watching, or even if you don’t have a TV! This high-design media cabinet comes in black or white, and gives your flat screen plasma TV a posh place to rest.

Salamander Jump Seat Ottoman

These remind me of those great seats in coachbuilt limousines that fold out of sight when not in use- These ottomans open up in rumbleseat fashion into a theatre seat. These are ideal when you have friends over for movie watching or video games. When closed, it functions as an ottoman.

Netgear EVA8000

A complete media bridge that frees up all of your media, including photos, videos, will transpose information on your computer to your video screen- simply choose from your MP3 music and your photos, and you’ve got an instant slide show!

Vantage TPI Screens

Control your home theater lighting, Music, and Temp from one touchscreen remote control with easy to read graphics.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jet Set Interior Design in Rancho Mirage

William Miller Design in Palm Desert has recently completed the interior design of this stunning 1967 home in Rancho Mirage by noted architect C.H. Barlund. Located in Rancho Mirage. This amazing home features vast expanses of glass and terrazo floors throughout, and is fantastically simple in its mid-century lines. Natural rock is utilized on the fireplaces. As an interior design project, we loved working with the Jet-set color palette of Solar Orange and Kelp Green throughout the house. Earlier this summer, this residence was featured on the Palm Springs Modern Home Tour. Those on the tour ended their day here with a cocktail at this beautiful residence in Rancho Mirage.
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