Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We've Got It All Covered!

You know, wallpaper, as I remember it as a child in the 70's either involved American Revolutionary War Soldiers and Rifles, the Liberty Bell; Bright Orange Mushrooms; Red Velvet Regency Patterns on wacky background; or the odd Bright Red Ford Model T's and Stutz Bearcats on a white background. I used to cringe at the mention of "wallcoverings."

Wallteriors has changed all this. We've used it in our own home, where it looks great with granite countertops in the kitchen and blends in with the travertine floors. Their handmade papers can be used in large or small spaces effectively, such as in a wall niche, applied over smooth or textured wall surfaces, installed with non-conventional ideas (such as on a diagonal, torn edges, in overlapping squares, etc.), and wallteriors will also customize colors for
you if their extensive collection does not suit your needs, although all of their wall coverings are made to order. We recently used it in our 22 Ambassador house in the master bedroom. It is quite spectactular, and we always take note that people want to touch it, and are curious about how it is made. For more information about including this product in your home, contact us at our office, or view Wallteriors website. We love this particular patterm, as it looks like cork or a fine wood veneer. They also have some great block print Kanji (Japanese) calligraphy patters as well as a great subtle large Hollywood Regency prints.

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