Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Financial Crisis Doesn't Mean A Design Crisis!

Spending money for interior design services in this economy is a risk.
A bigger financial risk is to make design decisiong without the consulting a design professional.
William Miller Design, a top interior design firm based in Palm Desert California is launching “ala carte design packages” for clients who want some good advice on the direction of their style. These packages will include color consultation, furnishing recommendations, “editing” existing accessories and art, as well as space planning for optimum functionality in a room.

A. One time consultation for $450.00
Averages about one hour to 1 ½ hrs. will include advice on your home or office in general from a design point of view. Recommendations on updating the look and image of your spaces, color, light, furniture and spatial relationships will all be discussed in a general way. This is followed up with a written recommendation list.

B. Re- accessorizing; working with your existing art and accessories, we will come into your home and suggest, rearrange and place your existing art and accessories for their optimum visual impact.
PRICE: $500.00 for two hours

C. We can also work with your existing furnishings to re-arrange; re-upholster and replace. updating only those items that need to “freshen” the image of your home.
PRICE: $500.00 for two hours

D. Color consultation inside or out. Our designers will professionally select specific colors that work best in your environment to evoke the feeling that you want. Interiors and exteriors can look new and updated with the correct color choices. Includes color samples and placement recommendations.

Many other services as well as full service interior design is available on request.
Our firm prides itself on providing excellent full service interior design for all phases of interiors .

So if its time for a complete update of your interior or just time to get some good advice, give us a call at 760-836-9199.

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