Thursday, April 16, 2009

Build-In Benefits For Your Home!

Built-ins are more affordable than you think

When considering the alternatives for storage and use of audio-video equipment, custom built-in cabinetry may be more cost effective than the store-bought/ready-made alternatives. Today’s plasma screen monitors and multi channel speaker systems are often difficult to fit into armoires and standard “TV Units” available in retail stores.

Basic built-in units can start as low as $2,500.00 depending on size

and complexity. The options for finishes and styling details are endless. A custom built-in will add value to your home as well as create an integrated look for your home video and audio equipment. A built-in shelving unit can also create more storage and display space for collections, artwork, or books.

A customized built-in is tailored to the needs and size of the room. This can be particularly important in a main television viewing area of your home, where aesthetics and functionality are important.

At William Miller Design, we can create a built-in unit to suit your pocketbook. Call us in Palm Desert at 760-836-9199 to create a custom cabinet with an experienced Interior Designer.

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