Tuesday, March 15, 2011


a child of the 70's I grew up in a household with an orange kitchen. Orange wallpaper, orange countertops, orange bullseye glass sliding doors in the cabinets, orange seat cushions on the dinette set, and orange linoleum. You'd think I'd have issues around 0range- not so, one of my favorite colors in a home interior. We recently did a fabulous home in the Las Palmas area of Palm Springs with orange accents, and a little further back, a spectactular home interior in Rancho Mirage with orange and lime green as an accent. Orange looks great in a lot more places than the desert- think about using it as a color in cabinetry, on an accent wall, or if you're not very brave, bring it into a room in the throw pillows and accessories, such as glassware. You'll find that orange not only perks up a room, but energizes you as well.

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