Monday, September 24, 2007

Rufus Wainwright, Judy Garland, and the Hollywood Bowl

Bill and I went to an fantastically odd concert at the great Hollywood Bowl last night. Rufus Wainwright preformed Judy Garland's 1961 Carnegie Hall set from beginning to end with the Bowl's orchestra and hand-picked quartet. He was also joined on stage by his mother, Kate, and sister, Martha, both performers as well. A suprise during the last set was Lorna Luft, Judy Garland's daughter, who sang a duet with him. Lorna seemed delighted as she declared onstage: "Isn't this wonderful? I'd like to thank Rufus for celebrating my mother's musical legacy." I especially enjoyed seeing Rufus come out during "Get Happy" in a Miss Garland's signature outfit: a black fedora, a tuxedo jacket, fishnet stockings, and a set of heels. It was quite a sight!

It was a very special evening. After the concert, we joined Rufus backstage, where I told him it was great to see him doing what he wanted to do. Also joining us backstage were Judith Light and Rebecca
Rominj, (from Ugly Betty), Hillary Swank, Debbie Reynolds, and Bruce Vilanch for champagne and pastries.

I really can't say enough about how cool the Hollywood Bowl is and what a fantastic place it is to be at night, especially one as beautiful as last night. The lights of the Bowl, a beautiful moon, and the stars (yes, sometimes you can see them in L.A.

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Anonymous said...

I love it - Living around the corner, and there I wasn't. And you two were. Big Sigh.

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