Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lamps: They're Illuminating!


Did you think lamps just provided light? , lamps are the “jewelry” of a room. Lamps provide warm and cozy ambience to any setting and be a great accent to any room. Lamps also provide a “finishing touch” to an interior scheme like nothing else can do. I always try to incorporate table lamps in addition to any overhead lighting that may be present in a room for a few reasons.
lamps put light down at a level where it is useable
Lamps provide a warm glow that soften a room
Lamps provide an opportunity to add some texture, accent and interest to any room. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes and we have illustrated a few of our favorites here from Palecek and Seascapes lighting (all available through William Miller Design
in Palm Desert, California).

When chosing a lamp it is important to consider a few basic rules:

Where is the lamp going? - on what kind of surface and beside what?

How is the lamp being used ? Is the lamp for function or for accent light?

How does the lamp relate to the objects and or furniture placed next to it?

How tall should the lamp be ?

What proportions should the base have to the shade?

When selecting a lamp consider the area that you have available to accommodate the lamp. For example if the lamp is going on a small side table or nightstand the diameter or depth and width of the base of the lamp should not be too large or too small for the table

surface. A general rule would be to leave at least a border of 3 to 4 inches all around the base of the lamp but not more than 6”.

Will your lamp be used for reading? Computer or desk work? Grooming? Or just as accent lighting? A reading lamp, for example should provide enough light that all tasks are easily completed without straining or squinting. An accent light on the other hand can be as soft and dim as desired.

The height of the lamp is important for a couple of reasons. A lamp next to a bed for example should be tall enough to be able to read a book comfortably, but not so tall that it looks out of proportion with the headboard or nightstand that it is placed on. A good general height for a bedside lamp is about 28 ½” to 30 “ tall depending on the height of the nightstand.

Lamp proportions are subjective these days particularly with the resurgence of the mid-century modern craze that dictates a larger shade to base proportion. Most conventional lamps, however can fall in line with a lamp to shade proportion of 2/3 base height to 1/3” lamp shade height.

Finally, the most versatile feature about lamps is that they come in all shapes and sizes,
Textures, finishes, base styles, shade styles and types. Lamps are a perfect opportunity to express your individuality and creative spirit.

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