Monday, March 31, 2008

Creating A Model Home!

Construction leaders are interested in driving sales and creating interest from potential homeowners to increase their sales per square foot and produce greater profit.

The persuasive art of creating desire is the key to achieving success in creating interest and driving increased sales at all economic levels.
Special features in interior finishes, such as upgraded custom lighting, designer wall finishes and large scale stone floors help create the livable
and luxurious feel. However this is not the key to “creating desire” from a merchandising standpoint. Builders and developers want to capture the buyers emotions and reach them on a “feeling” level.

So what are some of the tricks of the trade? William Miller Design located in Palm Desert does several model homes a month as well as fully-furnished, turn-key homes throughout the Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs area as well as other Southern California Cities. The photos that accompany this article are of an
award-winning model home project- Brava- in Palm Desert, California, which William Miller Design completed for Family Development.

Creating an ambiance that make prospective buyers “feel at home” is the key to effective merchandising. Here is a short list of key components to effective model home design:

Know who your target market is….Who are you designing for ?

Who is the potential buyer?

Create a scenario (or a theme) that buyers can relate to….

Keep it simple yet well accessorized.

Make things look custom-made but not overdesigned

Select colors that are popular but not over used…

Set a mood that the buyer can visualize themselves in…

Select colors, textures and finishes that are appropriate to the natural setting of the home.

Use interior finishes and details in ways that are unexpected.

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