Monday, March 3, 2008

Green With Envy!

Recycled materials are much more chic in the design industry than they once were.
William Miller Design recommends this VivaTerra Railroad Tie Coffee table duo.
It has an elegant, rustic quality that would look great in both traditional and modern rooms. Its organic qualities and simple lines make for a great transitional furniture arrangement,
and this grouping can even be used outdoors! The matching railroad tie side tables are also atractive, adding an earthy accent to any interior

and are affordable! These tables are made from reclaimed barn wood.

So what makes this furniture “green”? The wood is actually from reclaimed railroad ties, made out of teak, pine, and other hardwood. VivaTerra has even preserved the weathered look and filled the railroad-track holes.

Another perennial green favorite is Wallteriors wallcovering

This fantastically beautiful wallpaper is produced with recycled paper and hand painted with no toxic dyes and pigments. This wall treatment can be installed in a number of different ways- 18” overlapping squares with torn edges is my favorite. There are many choices of patterns available and Wallteriors is open to custom designs as well. Wallteriors wallcovering is available through William Miller Design.

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