Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scheming with color !

Color selection and color scheming is increasingly important in developing residential and commercial interiors. Design of Residences, office spaces, restaurants and medical facilities all are carefully schemed by designers and architects.

Color combinations or schemes have a major impact on all interiors . Colors enhance and effect mood, work and play habits and contribute a subliminal role in influencing our desires; like fear, passion, anger, anxiety, happiness and more.
Creating a successful color scheme is both an art and a science.

Residential and Commercial spaces alike, including industrial, educational and medical environments often are designed with a color scheme that that is calm, comfortable, and harmonious. They are often inspired by nature, that is to say, posses a gently harmonious, natural and generally neutral palette.

Inspiration from nature is a common starting point for many designers and architects. Desert based designers in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage are particularly fond of drawing from the rich color palate of the surrounding area.

Desert color schemes Sand tones, light grays, beige and warm browns are a solid foundation for a typical “desert” color scheme. Pale greens, rust and golds may be introduced, adding interest and impact. Use of textural elements like wood, stone and fabric can add texture and contrast, while providing harmony within the framework of the scheme.

Earth tones are colors we see in nature like browns, umbers, terracotta and brick tones. These colors tend to be harmonious, rich in color and depth and impart a feeling of solidity and permanence. Used well, earth tones complement most other color values.

Integrating earth tones into your environment allow a sense of approachability and connection. These tones are part of our everyday lives, they are familiar and comforting. Incorporating earth tones into your environment by using natural materials such as stone, wood, and granites not only introduce accent and texture to color schemes, but integrate warm elements into your living space. Variety with harmonious coordination, adds interest and uniqueness to any space.

Color schemes – Keep it simple

Whatever color scheme is your favorite, here are a few basics to remember:

1. Keep it simple. Combine colors that enhance each other.
2. Evaluate the effect you want to achieve and the use of the space .
3. Use color along with texture to create a balanced scheme.
4. Be aware of which colors influence which emotions.

The key to picking the perfect wall color is finding a color that goes with everything. Think of it as a background to which you'll add more layers or accents, such as flooring, furniture, paintings, fabrics, accessories, plants and lighting.

You should love the colors you live with. So don't live with someone else's taste—pick colors you like! For inspiration look to your favorite paintings, a piece of furniture or, fabrics, pillows or even fresh flowers. These personal color selections will make you happy.

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