Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sustainable Furniture For Your Desert Home

With more consciousness about green products and sustainable business entering mainstream products, more clients are demanding more products for the interior of their homes besides wallpaper and paint. More furniture designers are making furniture from sustainable, renewable, and repurposed materials. As interior designers in the desert who are always looking for ways to put cutting-edge items in your home, here are some fine examples of what is available in the market:

Sustainable design is executed in stunning style with the beautiful Girado chair. Created by Team 7 in conjunction with the Batineau Design Group, the elegant chair has an elegant sculptural profile that belies its sustainable origins.

With a rounded back crafted from a choice of sustainable hardwoods or lush leather, the chair can be customized for any environment. Sustainable wood choices range from dark walnut to a lovely light maple, finished off with a timeless leather seat. Even the frame can be customized, with a choice of three very different shapes.

Batineau uses sustainable production methods and materials, producing beautiful non-toxic, solid wood furniture. The materials used by the design group are both natural and sustainable, contributing to a healthier home.

Team 7 is certified as an environmentally friendly manufacturer, using sustainably harvested hardwood that comes from a reforested European forest. Products are finished with natural herbal oils and waxes. Their green practices qualify them for great green design, even before one sees their actual eco-friendly furniture.

Urban Woods makes sustainable furniture from reclaimed wood, eco-friendly materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. The distinct beauty of reclaimed wood, finished with rich water based, non-toxic stains, is preserved in modern handmade furniture that is made in Los Angeles, California. Their exclusive use of vintage reclaimed wood has many advantages; the grain of the timber with its tight growth rings shows the superior density of the wood from ancient trees, and the natural, aged patina and color of the old-growth timber is preserved in the manufacturing process, giving the furniture a look and feel that can not be replicated in new wood. Much of the reclaimed wood was originally harvested and milled 50 to 100 years ago, and has been seasoned in sunny Southern California for decades, giving the wood unparalleled stability and resistance to future distortion or structural movement. At Urban Woods we strive to make beautiful, eco-friendly furniture in the most sustainable way. They do not use tropical hardwoods which harm the rain forest to harvest, MDF, particle board nor toxic glues.

Acronym Designs have produced a range of unique designs that use a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. With a blend of natural and high tech materials, their furniture has modern appeal with classic sensibility. Whenever possible, they "use materials that are sustainable, renewable, reclaimed, or recycled," which includes FSC-certified wood and veneers, Lyptus (plantation-grown), or reclaimed African Mahogany.

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