Monday, September 8, 2008

What Kind of a Mood Are You Living In?

Interior design in the desert is important because the color in our environment can have an effect on how we feel mentally as well as physically. Historically, some cultures have used color to heal- such as the ancient Egyptians and the Native Americans. When choosing colors for your home interior, keep in mind the feelings that are associated with each color- you may inadvertently have the opposite affect that you wish to create with the d├ęcor of your rooms. Too many colors can make a room look busy, and in fact, confuse or agitate the people in the room. First, determine: what mood do I want to create with my interior designer, and colors can my interior designer help me select to achieve that mood?

Black is the absence of light and color. It represents sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, and style.

Green represents health, luck, renewal, youth, vitality, fertility, and nature. Rooms that are green or yellow create happy moods, and are ideal colors for playrooms or children’s rooms. The cool quality of these colors soothes and calm.

Red is a color that demands attention. It is the warmest and most energetic color in the spectrum. Red is always associated with love, danger, desire, and strength. Red can affect blood pressure and make heart rates increase. This color, along with violet/purples can boost energy levels by causing the body to create more adrenaline. These colors can be best used in home offices, entry halls, sitting rooms, and staircases. They should be avoided in bedrooms and bathrooms, where relaxation is key, as well as the kitchen and dining areas, because these colors can boost your appetite. Inspired but not wired is the key here- a red leather magazine caddy or bouquet of red flowers is best. An interior designer can help with this sort of choice in your home.

Brown is a solid, reliable color, found in earth and abundant in nature. Light brown implies sincerity, genuineness, and dependability. Choosing brown for a home interior promotes warm feelings and an inviting atmosphere.

Blue is calm, soothing color, the color of the sea and sky. People faced with difficult tasks feel less anxious when surrounded by the color blue. Blue can be used more liberally than any other color in a room where you would like to feel less stressed.

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