Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La Qunita Remodel Update

This is not an episode of Hoarders!

Once you get into a remodel, you find out things are sometimes not what they appear to be at first. The wood flooring is glued down so securely, that it has to be all cut out, some of it pried away, which is not what the contractor expected it to be the words of the homeowner "Looks like you've got quite a mess!"

We have removed existing dated built INS , raised the firebox, added framing for a raised hearth which will receive granite. A new carved stone fireplace surround and entertainment center will complete the wall to add more importance and focal point for the room .

In the dining room, the walls and ceiling have been stripped of old grass cloth and wood molding (it was soooooo cute and quaint!) Now, it's ready for new wall texture and paint.

Remember, we're working with a deadline here. so everything has to be done before Thanksgiving!

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