Monday, February 28, 2011

Palm Springs Preservation Retro Martini Party 2011

This year's
popular Retro Martini Party (Coordinated by the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation) was at the Jorgensen-Mavis House (1955) located on the 9th fairway of the exclusive Thunderbird Country Club, playground of U.S. presidents, located in my current hometown of Rancho Mirage, California.

Remarkably, this house has only changed hands once, in 1956, and has ALL of its original furnishings, hardware, and even the upholstery and window treatments are original. Can you say "patina?"

Modernism week in Palm Springs typically highlights interior design from approximately 1946 through the early 80's, but this house was a glimmering example of how sophisticated and reserved mid century modern homes could be- there was nothing wild about it- it simply was sleek, modern, comfortable living for its occupants in the 1950's.

Ever wonder what living next door to Lucy and Desi was like? You (as steel magnate Earle M. Jorgensen) are in your modern William "Wild Bill" Cody-designed home and the doorbell rings...those pesky Hollywood folk...whenever they're in town they want to play pinochle...guess you have to make a pitcher of martinis...

Well 1955 is long gone, as are the Arnazs and the Jorgensens...but their hip houses remain, the country club is still exclusive and the views are still let us make you a martini and you and your fellow hipsters can recapture the cool of midcentury Palm Springs.

Even if you weren't able to make this fantastic event, there's always next year- and this event, always held in a significant mid century modern home, is always the highlight of the week's events.

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