Monday, August 20, 2007


Bill and Matt are just back to the desert heat after a cool week in New England- we visited Massachusetts and Vermont. A few of the highlights were:
Finding a gem of a kitchen, bed, and bath accessories shop in Provincetown, Massachusetts: Utilities!

Meeting Scott Coffey, who makes hand-tailored men's resort wear and sells them at his shop in Provincetown: Coffey.

Our other great find was an exhibit at The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. It's an exhibit called Chandelierious! It features some great lighting from Shonbeck and is displayed in an early 19th century round barn.

We crashed a Barbie Doll pool party (really) in Provincetown.

Bill also discovered just how fancy poultry can get, appearing a great deal like hats that Mamie Eisenhower might have worn- or were those actually chickens perched on her head? We'll never know! When our internet server was down for a few days, we were considering getting some of these to deliver messages from our office in Palm Desert, but we weren't so sure if they would be able to stand the heat or not...
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