Friday, August 31, 2007

Portland, Oregon: Where's The Ocean At?

Last night, Bill and Matt's friend Anne Stark threw a Last Thursday party for us. What's a last Thursday, you might ask? Where can I buy one? Well, children, gather 'round the fire, and all shall be revealed to you. Last Thursday is not a thing or an item, it's a happening on Alberta in Portland, Oregon. There are a growing number of galleries, and they are all open late.

We found a great fabric store Called Bolt. I wanted to buy everything that I saw. They had an amazing selection of great patterned materials and some wonderful books about sewing (one of Matt's favorite things to do, really). Some of you can vouch for my quilt making skills- the result of a broken foot in Tokyo, cutting me off from the outside world for a number of weeks. We purchased some leftover yardage, to add to my growing pile
of scraps that I plan to make into a throw blanket for our home this winter. We also bought a great beginner's sewing book, with some basic patterns: Bill is really interested in trying his hand at sewing.

Our second items that we stumbled over was a street vendor selling "Perfect Children" These are handmade, somewhat unnerving stuffed animals. Bill selected two: one is a large teddy bear with who appears harmless except for the two double rows of sharp teeth that its gaping mouth displays. We named her "Ginger." Bill also purchased a large hairy eyeball brooch, I suppose to wear to work? What did you buy that for, Bill?

They have a great website with their cute, cuddly offerings- animals as well as some disturbing photograhic prints of these little creatures in their natural settings. You can also take a look at the people who make these fun little bunnies and bears.

We had a great time, and we were not looking forward to returning to the heat of Palm Desert, California...

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Anne of Portland said...

You boys are the limit! I love you both SO much, and look forward to having you back in P-town again soon!


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