Thursday, August 23, 2007

Magnificent Metallics!!!

Okay, make all the Saturday Night Fever jokes you want: metallic fabrics are back with a vengance- from full-on Solid Gold Dancer Vinyl to lurex-laced prints that look like they might be out of a 1957 Oldsmobile or a cocktail lounge aboard the SS France- the last of the Great French Trans-Atlantic Ocean Liners...anyhow, we're just wild about these reDISCOvered materials, especially used in accent pillows on sofas or beds!

The first moden metallic fabric was produced in 1946 by the Dobeckmum Company, just in time for Edith Head to use them in some amazing outfits for
Ivers." I digress again! Previously, aluminum was
used as a base in metallic fibers- however, stainless steel is being used more and more as a base. Although it is more difficult to work with, it is a materal that enables it to be used in far more applications than aluminum.

So go ahead, enjoy yet another guilty pleasure- we won't stop you!

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