Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chinese Ceramic Accessories

Chinese ceramics look great anywhere. I like them to come in pairs. They look fantastic on a beautiful hearth, in an art niche, or flanking a prominent entrance or a home. They also are suitable for outdoor use (year round in mild cimates, but bring indoors if you live in a region prone to precipitation and freezing tempratures), particularly if you are setting an outdoor living area.

My favorites at Albert & George (our new home accessory and furnishing store in Rancho Mirage) right now are this pair of Chinese Foo Dogs. They are not the traditional "lion-headed" with their fierce paws on a sphere. These are poised and watchful, and I completely love the variations in the dipped glaze. The other pair that is perfectly charming are this pair of Chinese babies. Their torsos are glazed with blue and white, and have a glossy finish, but their faces are rendered with care and have been left with the ceramic matte finish, looking like fine white porcelain skin.

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