Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three Favorite Trees at Albert and George

We had so much fun choosing Christmas Trees for our new store, Albert & George!

I love the holidays, and putting up the tree- my sister and I used to drag our Christmas Tree out of the cubby hole at least twice a year and put it up in her room while we were unsupervised. There really is something amazing about those lights being in a tree that is still wonderful to look at.

I picked three trees from our store that I am absolutely crazy about...

The first is a red-flocked 3' tree- We had one up on our buffet for Thanksgiving at our house, and it really needed NO decorating. It looked absolutely fantastic with the thick, velvety red flocking ($140).

The second tree is a 3' silver glittered tree, sort of a minimalist/mid century modern/Jetson tree. It doesn't need any lights- it just sparkles constantly. Would be amazing as a centerpiece on a Christmas or New Year's Eve table...this one also comes in gold ($65).

The last one is a trio of trees that are somewhat untraditional- they are a wooden-framed tree silhouette in white glitter with red glass bulbs mounted in the central negative space. These are so much fun, and would be great on a mantle given their low profile ($75, set of three).

All of these are on sale now at Albert & George, located at 70020 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, next to Bangkok Five. Albert & George is William Miller Design's new store that features home interior accessories, books, gifts, cards, and candles.

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