Monday, October 18, 2010

DeBrabant House, 1920's Palm Springs Villa

I hesitate
to use the word 'charming' in a sentence, since it beings up all kinds of potential real estate adjectives that get banded about when describing houses inappropriately. However, in the case of this 1920's Spanish Colonial, no other adjective will do- it is indeed one of the most charming homes I've been to in Palm Springs.

This home is a superb example of the Spanish Colonial architecture that was so popular in California in the 1920's. This one was built in the Haciendas Estate tract in what is now the "Movie Colony" area of Palm Springs. Current owners Jan and Mark Hilbert, along with Marty Newman have completely captured the era with a dazzling collection of period Mexican furnishings, Tourist Pottery from the early half of the last century, and wonderful Plein Art paintings throughout the house.

The home features five bedrooms (one is in a wonderful turret room with commanding views of the surrounding mountains), and five bathrooms. In addition to the living room with a beautiful wooden ceiling, a 'casino' was added in the 1950's (apparently this was an illegal gambling house at one point). This room is complete with Navajo blankets on the knotty-pine walls, and a full-height fireplace.

Yesterday, this house was celebrated as a Class 1 Historical Site by the Palm Springs City Council. The Palm Springs Preservation Foundation celebrated this with an open house. There are six more events through the season. They are a must-do if you love homes, history, or just socializing!

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The Glam Lamb said...

Palm Springs is my absolute favorite get-away spot! Thanks for sharing.


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