Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kneedler Fauchere in the 1950's

Sometimes, I come across a photo that has so many cool things going on that I don't notice an important detail until later. I initally came across this photo while doing a Google search for "station wagon." This 1958 Dodge Sierra came up, and I loved the color combination. I wish auto makers would go back to two-toning and big chrome bumpers. This car looks expensive, but remember, it was a mid-range car. The next thing that I noticed was how the people were dressed- ladies without hats(!) wearing skirts and men in suits. No tennis shoes, ridiculously large handbags, big earrings, and no flip flops in sight. Then, I came to the setting: the Kneedler-Fauchere building in San Francisco. Kneedler-Fauchere, if you don't know was the world's first luxury market multi-line showroom founded in San Francisco, California in 1948, proferring premier collections of furniture, fabrics, wallcoverings, accessories, art and lighting. The have an amazing collection of Tony Duquette fabrics through Jim Thompson from their carefully archived collection.

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