Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thirft Shopping for Clients: Palm Springs

is economizing- that's not news. What is great for us, and a challenge is to find home furnishings for clients who want an updated look and don't have a big budget. One solution that we offer to clients is sourcing furniture in the thriving second-hand home furnishings market in Palm Springs. Our favorites for this are: Revivals, The Estate Sale, and Cargo. I am always shocked at the deals: many new, unused items- for other items, though, you have to have a fair amount of creativity: new finishes and reupholstering are generally needed to make furniture useable. The savings is in the "frame" of the furniture- $45-100 for a piece, versus $400-$1500 for a new piece. In addition to being checkbook friendly, this practice is also green- no environmental impact is made in production of these pieces. Also, in buying in a "benefit" store, you are supporting local charity, and we are employing local furniture re-finishers and upholstery shops, which is great for our community!

Blue Mid Century Modern Chair $35
Palecek Bench $125
Palecek Chair $225
Barstool Set of Two $125

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love that blue chair ... and for less than the cost of a dinner entree and a martini. Wow!

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