Thursday, January 20, 2011

Designer Birthday

I sincerely meant to post this yesterday, which was my birthday, but I totally forgot to push the publish button on the 19th!

Today is my birthday. Everyone wants to know what to get me. A designer. An Interior Designer in Palm Springs. I know, I'm hard to shop for because I go out and get what I want before you have a chance to buy it.

Here's a quick list of things that I want.

1. An Airstream Bambi Trailer. An icon of American Design. This little 19-foot baby is just what I want to tow with my vintage woody station wagon for weekends in Malibu or at Lake Arrowhead. As my cousin says: "You really just want a big silver suitcase to drag your outfits around in."

2. Speaking of suitcases, I still am waiting for a full set of Goyard Luggage. In orange, please.

3. A luxury African Safari. Again. I just want to wear fancy outfits in inappropriate places. Arent' those tents fabulous, though?

4. McDonald's Gift Cards. Yes, I do love a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder. Once a week. You knew there'd be something in here that you could get me, right?

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