Monday, January 31, 2011

In and Outs of Wallcoverings

I get really tired of hearing that something is in or out, aesthetically speaking. If something is of value visually, it generally will always be that way. You may have to live with it for a few years until the trend comes back around to suit your look again, but I think everything in design is so cyclical.

I am forever telling clients who are worried about something in their home that "looks tired." Usually, it's just embarrassment over hanging onto a look from ten years ago. I guarantee that if you can make it to 20 years with a look, it's going to hip and up-to-the minute again. I can't think of an example of a particular style that doesn't look good, especially when it's done well.

I usually have one question for the client that wants to change a room's look, but not sure what they want to change it to: Do you like the room as it is? If the answer is yes, don't spend any money on it at all.

One interior design element that seems to be a great polarizer right now is wallcovering. Some say it's a throwback to the 70's, but there really hasn't been a period in time that wallcovering wasn't used. If you can't find a covering that you like, you aren't looking hard enough, or you're holding on to a prejudicial opinion about wallcovering that can usually be traced back to your mother. Working with an interior designer will usually help alleviate this tension, and think of it this way: it's like therapy that you get to enjoy!

Some of my favorite styles for wallcovering are Wallteriors, produced right here in Palm Springs; Cowan & Tout, a traditional favorite; Tony Duquette, a wild throwback to the 30's and 40's; and Trend.

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