Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movie Sets I Would Live In: Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce is a classic film noir made in 1945 starring Joan Crawford. You've probably seen the movie, but it has been remade by HBO into a miniseries set to release in 2011, which is more closely modeled after the book (you didn't know it was a book, did you?). It's a great read, pick up a copy if you can find one!

Anyhow, back to the set: I love Monte Beragon's beach house. It was actually a real home (in the external shots at least) which was owned by Anatole Litvak and was in Malibu on the PCH (CA HWY 1). It was a beautiful 2-story Queen Anne-ish cottage style with a steeply pitched roof, and big porches with views of the Pacific, and little narrow windows. The house fell down in a storm in 1983, but it's actual address was 26652 Latigo Shore Drive, Malibu.

The interiors were all designed for a good time. Lots of curved surfaces, a winding staircase, a bamboo bar...all the great ingredients of a fun home in the 1940's The set designer was George James Hopkins, who worked with silent great Theda Bara, and movie credits include: Hello, Dolly!, Who's Afraid of Virigina Wolfe, Palm Springs Weekend, and Dial M for MMurder.

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