Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Posh Denver

a chance to take in some retail therapy in Denver this past weekend as well. My favorite by far was Posh, 1439 Larimer Street (their website was not up at the time that I wrote this, but the store clerk said it would be soon).

There were some very unexpected things in the store, which I think puts them in the category of "edgy." The 'wallpaper' artwork- very long and hung in short sheets by Deborah Bowness- fantastic for a space with very high ceilings. I also LOVED the regency armchairs behind the cash wrap that were executed in packing tape by creative director Luc Hughart.

Lots of eye candy that had me reaching for my wallet. I restrained myself since I had only carry-on luggage for my flight back to Palm Springs, and bought only some greeting cards (amazing stuff, folks)!

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